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Sunday, July 22, 2018
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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! It is absolutely wonderful to have all the students and families back on campus, ready for the new school year. The excitement and energy on campus at our community picnic recently was a beautiful thing, and I know it was felt by students, teachers and parents alike. We are looking forward to the great things in store for us this year, and we know it can only happen through the partnership between the school and parents.

We have a long history of parent volunteerism at the school for all the right reasons. Parents have expressed a desire to:

  • do our part to help our community
  • help all our children in a variety of ways
  • help our teachers enrich the students' experience
  • get to know each other and enjoy one another's company

At Barnhart, we all count on a robust culture of volunteerism to make the school function at its best. Each family is expected to contribute a minimum of 20 volunteer hours without school oversight by the end of each year. Families are responsible for recording and documenting their own hours of service on Renweb.

One of the key tenets of the Barnhart Vision Statement is "Involvement." By sending your child to Barnhart, you have already recognized the value of creating a future citizen of the world who is involved and connected. As role models for our children, it is vital that we parents accept this responsibility and understand that our willingness to be involved in our school community matters.

As we embark on a new school year together, please join us in pledging to support Barnhart through continued enthusiam and volunteerism within our exemplary school community.

If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities throughout the year, please feel free to contact your room parent(s).






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We are looking for dedicated volunteers to take the lead and chair (or co-chair) a BPG event/program such Treasurer, Restaurant Night or Celebration of Science, and more. If you are interested, please contact Rick Barrett


Updated: 10/16/2017
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